What we consider standard design for a window can differ depending on the region. More than the location, a personal preference should prevail. Also, certain types of windows are better suited for a particular style than the rest of the options. Pivot windows, for example, are very sleek and simplistic and they’re an excellent option for modern and contemporary homes. Their look is their forte.

Round windows can be wonderful focal points. A round pivot window is even more interesting. It makes a statement both with its shape and its mechanism. Although intrinsically it’s very simple, it stands out in a big way.

This type of windows is anchored on a pivot at the bottom and in a lot of ways this makes them more stable than other types, especially in bad weather. It’s also easier to position them as a certain angle. These pivot windows were integrated by Those Architects in the design of a family home located in Sydney.

This style can also be applied to floor-to-ceiling windows in which case they basically become pivot doors. It’s a design direction chosen by architects at Specht Harpman when designing the New Canaan Residence in Connecticut.

Speaking of pivot windows and doors and how the distinction is sometimes blurry, check out this contemporary residence designed by Pieter Peerlings and Silvia Mertens from SCULP [IT] Architecten. Its pivot windows/ doors are huge and they weigh 2,000 kg each. That’s pretty impressive. In order to achieve this look, the architects took down the entire rear facade of the house.

Pivot windows don’t really look that interesting until you open them and you can take advantage of their unique mechanism to really make a statement. This is a house located in Sydney and it really knows how to make the most out of its windows, wouldn’t you say?

The sleek and tall pivot windows of this residence located in Londrina, Brazil help seamlessly connect the indoor living areas to the outdoor lounge deck. The house was designed by Spagnuolo Arquitetura and this is the only section of the facade with these particular characteristics.


Floor-to-ceiling pivot windows are a pretty good alternative to sliding glass doors. They help ensure a seamless indoor-outdoor transition and natural ventilation, not to mention that they look exquisite. XTEN Architecture gave this house in La Quinta, California an entire wall of pivot doors (or windows, depending on how to approach the idea).

Having only pivot windows and doors can turn out to be a bit of an exaggeration, especially when other types would be better suited for particular sections of the house. The team at MF Architecture chose to be diverse. They did indeed used pivot windows but only where it suited the home.

Pivot doors and windows and minimalist homes go hand in hand. They’re uncomplicated and that makes them appealing in a unique way. Of course, they’re not always the perfect choice but for this mountain lodge designed by Studio KO the look suits the bedroom really well.

Sliding doors and pivot windows…what a lovely combo for a beautiful, modern home. They both connect the interior spaces to the great outdoors, letting in the breeze and the sunlight. It’s the combination chosen by Creat+Think Design Studio for a house they designed in Taiwan.

It’s quite easy to make a visual statement with pivot windows they’re this tall and this slender. The design you see here was crated by NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS for a house that they built in Vietnam. The tall and narrow pivot windows line up to form a double-height wall with a panoramic view.

In order for a pivot window to be practical it shouldn’t be too wide because then it take sup valuable floor space when opened. Still, the architects from EDAA and their clients decided that they could live with that so they implemented the design for this contemporary house in Mexico.

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