If you had to pick a new wall unit for your living room, how would it look like? The question is actually not as easy as it seems. It’s definitely easier to think of some characteristics that you want for your new unit when you’re replacing an already existing one. Basically you just make a list of things you hate about your old furniture and you look for the opposite in your new design. Things are more complicated when you’re decorating an empty space. However, both cases show similarities.

Before you fall in love with a wall unit, make sure its design is practical
The TV can be displayed or mounted in a variety of ways, depending on the design of the unit

Wall units can be of several different types. Entertainment centers are probably the most common type of all. They’re large and they usually wrap around the TV. Modern wall units sometimes feature a hollow section which is meant to accommodate a wall-mounted TV. In some cases, the TV is attached to a back panel that’s part of the unit. Entertainment wall units contain a variety of storage options and often offer a mixture of drawers, shelves and closed compartments. They’re really practical although they’re not ideal for small spaces.

Position the TV in such a way so it can be comfortably seen when seating on the sofa
Modularity is important and it has become a characteristic of a lot of modern wall units

Another option is a TV stand or console. They’re simpler versions of entertainment centers and they’re designed to hold the TV and to offer some additional storage space for things like media components, books or games. Modern TV stands can sometimes be a bit simplified, offering the option to mount the TV on the wall behind them rather than placing it on the cabinet.

Diversity is also important. A wall unit needs both open and closed storage spaces
A lot of modern units also mix and match features such as drawers, shelves and cabinets
Cohesion is important but this doesn’t necessarily mean everything should match
Contemporary interiors are usually based on a minimalist scheme, this being a pretty good example

One of the best options for small spaces is the media chest, sometimes also referred to as an armoire. These are similar to TV wall units in the sense that they’re cabinets with storage and space for the TV. In the case of an armoire, the TV is usually concealed inside a cabinet with doors. This type of wall storage units is slender and takes up little floor space. Its structure is organized vertically rather than horizontally.

To make a small room seem larger, opt for wall-mounted furniture and open shelving
A wall unit, regardless of the style, usually framed the TV, whether it sits on a console or on the wall
If you decide to go with a custom wall unit, make sure you take into consideration the dimensions of your TV

In a modern or contemporary setting, there’s sometimes a desire to keep the space as airy and as free of furniture as possible. In such cases, wall shelving units are a really good option. They can be custom-designed to perfectly fit the space and to have a configuration that complements the rest of the furniture pieces. Now that you have a general idea of the types of wall units to choose from, you can continue planning the rest of the details.

Accent lighting can help highlight some of the beautiful features of your living room wall unit
A wall unit or entertainment center should have a practical size which suits the layout of the room
To figure out the distance at which the TV should be placed, line up its lower half with your eyes when seated
Having enough storage is definitely important but so is an airy composition of the elements
Depending on the configuration of the room, a wall unit can be made from one, two or several pieces
This sort of design creates a cohesive and well-organized look
You can choose to have nothing mounted on the wall if you want to put the focus on its color or simplicity
Don’t hesitate to play with combinations of materials or finishes. A lot of modern wall units focus on this

There are a few important questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a wall unit for your living room. For instance, what will you be storing in this room? The answer to this questions can help you determine the type of storage your unit should offer (drawers, shelves, closed compartments, etc.). You should also decide whether or not you need display space for things like artwork, books, photos or games.

Closed cabinetry can be used to hide stuff and to keep certain things out of sight and safe
Both the color of the wall behind the wall unit and the size of the room matter for the overall picture
Not all the components of the unit have to be placed on the same wall or clustered in one place
Don’t overwhelm a small living room with robust furniture. Choose instead lighting simple and lightweight
We enjoy the diversity of forms and storage options offered by this contemporary unit
Geometric designs and configurations are very popular in modern and contemporary settings
This puzzle-like design combines a lot of great features that we seek in modern wall units
The back panel frames the TV and offers support for all the open shelves
The placement and structure of the wall unit depends on the layout of the room and the placement of the outlets
Usually the TV sits at the center of the unit but this actually depends on the placement of the sofa
Not every little design feature on a wall unit is meant to be functional. Some details are purely aesthetic
Symmetry is appreciated in the case of traditional interiors although modern decors can also be centered on this idea
Maintain a simple style by using neutral colors and basic forms
Embrace eclecticism by combining two or more styles or influences such as modern and industrial

Take into consideration the dimensions of your media equipment. Measure the width, height and depth of every piece and make sure you also take into consideration their ventilation requirements. And while you’re at it, check the placement of the outlets and plan your cord management system. As a general rule, you should always look for ways to express your style and if that means mixing and matching different pieces from different collections or even combining styles then so be it.

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