Pixerstick abstract leaves pattern
Hello, hello! I know a number of you saw a glimpse of this wallpaper on my Instagram account the other day when it was being installed and have been waiting with bated breath to see the reveal! Well, the day is here! O.K., so this amazing pattern comes from Pixers. It is self adhesive so you simply peel and stick it to your walls. I had the pleasure of collaborating with them recently and was able to choose the design I wanted to use in my space. The choice was a tough one as there are a myriad of patterns and styles to choose from but ultimately I settled on the Leaves Abstract Pattern Background shown above. This is from their Pixerstick Wallpaper line. It looks even more amazing in person.
Before pic - design addict mom
Now, let’s talk about where this amazing wallpaper was going to be installed. The above pic shows a glimpse into a room that never gets seen here or on instagram- the man cave or my more modern coined version- the gentleman’s space. This is the room above the garage so the angles are not that of a standard room but it’s still a great space plus it has a dormer which lets in great light. My husband wanted to decorate this space the way he wanted without my input and although I’ve respected his wishes, somehow, I managed to paint the space and now giving it a mini makeover, not the full Design Addict Mom treatment, just a little touch. It’s still his space and his style. Plus, he was the one who chose the pattern above (with a little subliminal coaxing from me in the right direction).
Pixerstick wallpaper being installed- design addict mom
My always reliable wall paper installer, Don. You could also install this yourself with the help of another person since it’s self adhesive.

Space after Pixerstick wallpaper is installed- design addict mom
 And there is the after! Because of the angle and slope of the walls, it’s a tricky space to photograph but what a difference that Pixerstick makes! 
Space after Pixerstick wallpaper is installed- design addict mom
This is also the space where we watch movies. 

Man Cave Gets a Facelift with Pixerstick Wallpaper- design addict mom

Part of the wall across from the couch which is the movie wall

 The hubby uses a projector that projects on this wall for movies and although i would rather a projector screen hanging here, he insisted on just leaving the wall white. So, I did but when I first painted the room that Benjamin Moore Wedge-wood Grey color, I didn’t want to paint the entire wall white at the time or paint more blue over this side as I felt there was more than enough blue in the space. Instead, I did a bit of color blocking using some leftover orange paint I had. 
Color Blocking with Paint- design addict mom
Well, after installing this beautiful paper, the orange didn’t seem cohesive so I picked up on the mustardy yellow that’s in the wallpaper pattern and repainted the bottom area. And guess what, it was with leftover paint! (Sherwin Williams June Day). I have that same color in my staircase area that leads up the stairs to this room. 
Color Blocking with paint- design addict mom
movie time!
 View looking into the the room from the top of the stairs- design addict mom
 View looking into the the room from the top of the stairs. 

Man Cave Gets a Facelift with Pixerstick Wallpaper- design addict mom

Color Blocking -design addict mom
The hubby loves the results and so do I. Thank you Pixerstick for sponsoring this post!

After images by photographer, Lea Hartman


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