Working with small spaces is never easy. Small kitchens are especially tricky and difficult through the simple fact that there are many must-have elements to include and very little room for them. The space has to be optimized to perfection and that usually means a custom design is needed. However, thanks to Kitchoo, we now have alternatives. We discovered them at Eurocucina 2016 and we’re very excited today to show you two of their award-winning collections.

Kitchoo K5.

Both collections are focused on one thing: making small and compact kitchens functional and comfortable to use. The designs are intricate but they’re presented in very simple shells meant to simplify the way we perceive the kitchen and everything related to it. The advantages are numerous and we’ll try to point out the most important facts. The obvious thing to start with is the size. The Kitchoo kitchens optimize the usable space while minimizing the footprint thus solving a major problem.

Both the K5 and the latest K7 kitchens come fully assembled and ready to be installed. All you need to do is position them into your home and make sure the faucet and the appliances are properly installed and connected to a power source. As you can see, the K5 kitchen comes in the form of a compact cabinet which can neatly fit in a corner. Nothing about it suggests that it can replace a whole kitchen. However, this contemporary cabinet hides a secret: it turns into a sophisticated kitchen with everything you need and more built right into it.

The design of the K5 kitchen is ingenious and perfectly adapted to make the most out of a small space. Consider this compact option if you’re living in a small apartment or if you want to save space in your home without giving up functionality and comfort.

Kitchoo K7.

K7 is K5’s big brother. It actually occupies the same amount of floor space as the K5 but it’s taller and that allows it to offer a few extra features. There’s also a model which features a side unit for even more storage.  You can get them a variety of finishes including mat or glossy lacquer, wood, real wood veneer and laminates, all options available for K5 as well. Also, both collections offer a lot in terms of customization. You can choose to include (or not) an induction hob, a small fridge-freezer, a dishwasher and a washing machine. You can replace any or all of these elements with simple storage.

Extra space available in the K7 kitchen can accommodate a microwave oven and extra storage. The space optimization is amazing in both cases and so are the high-quality materials used in these kitchens. The countertops are probably the most interesting in this sense. They’re made of the latest generation acrylic and they’re scratch-resistant, soft to the touch and, on top of it all, they don’t let fingerprints ruin their cool look.

Another cool detail that makes the Kitchoo kitchens stand out is the pull up faucet which provides a neat and clutter-free look by retracting when it’s not needed. And since we’re talking about the little things that make these two collections desirable, you should also know that there are built-in shock absorbers for all the cabinet doors and drawers as well as integrated LED lights dimmers.

Kitchoo is setting new standards for small kitchens since 1995. The K5 and K7 are two iconic models, winners or multiple international awards and a great inspiration source for a lot of other designs. They reinvent the way we perceive space and they do this without sacrificing comfort or style. What more could you ask for?

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