Many homes have smaller bathrooms that simply don’t work anymore for the families that live there. Individuals do not need to move in order to remedy this situation.

For those tired homeowners dealing with remodeling a small bathroom, perhaps it’s time to call in professional contractors.

These experienced contractors have the skills and equipment to handle any bathroom remodel regardless of the bathroom size.

There are many great benefits for letting a bathroom remodeling specialist do the work. They can quickly assess the job, and these professionals can make recommendations based on their experience and the homeowners wishes.

How-to-Remodel-a-Smaller-Bathroom-to-a-Luxurious-Haven-3 How to Remodel a Smaller Bathroom to a Luxurious Haven

One of the most common small bathroom complaints that homeowners tend to make is that the bathroom doesn’t have room for a large soaking tub and a shower stall.

Allowing a skilled remodeling professional evaluate your bathroom space can result in new ideas for getting both a shower and the wished for bathtub. A simple idea is to install a claw-foot tub with a shower head attached.

This two in one bathing option is actually becoming a popular bathroom remodel for homeowners that desire to remain in their homes. The homeowner is able to get the wished for bigger bathroom space and upgraded conveniences too.

A favorite professional remodeling tip to create the illusion of more space is to simply use one wall as an accent. This could mean painting that wall another color to contrast with the rest of the walls.

How-to-Remodel-a-Smaller-Bathroom-to-a-Luxurious-Haven-2 How to Remodel a Smaller Bathroom to a Luxurious Haven

A terrific way to do this in a bathroom is to use different colored tiles or tile patterns on that focal wall. It could also look chic to use a custom tile design on the designated accent wall.

Some interior designers are using subway tiles and placing them vertically on the area determined to be the accent wall.

The other walls would use horizontal tiles. To give more illusion of opulence, pick better quality tiles to create a high-end look that is not too costly due to smaller room size.

Another optical illusion that some remodeling experts use is to repeat patterns for a more dramatic effect.

Everything has to be within a believable size scale to capture the look. There are lots of luxurious tubs perfect for soaking.

Choose one with a copper coating and then match with some copper accents and details scattered around the room. Consider a smaller whirlpool bathtub in a relaxing sage green hue.

Natural wood planks reminiscent of many sauna floors or Japanese designs creates the aura of serenity. Place a few green plants and add some small complementary color or pattern accents. It is crucial to have the right balance for this to work in a small space.

How-to-Remodel-a-Smaller-Bathroom-to-a-Luxurious-Haven-1 How to Remodel a Smaller Bathroom to a Luxurious Haven

A huge problem with small bathrooms is the lack of storage space.

All of those bathroom toiletry items, towels and other necessities end up cluttering every surface making the space feel even smaller.

To contain the clutter and open up the room, hire a remodeling contractor to install floor to ceiling storage shelves or custom-built tall cabinets that hides the mess behind doors.

The clean space tends to make the entire room feel more spacious and calm. If desiring a bit more luxury, a remodeling contractor can add heated floors and gorgeous lighting fixtures.


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