Brown is often overlooked as the important color that it is. I mean, the color of dirt can’t do all that much for a stylish interior, right? Wrong. Brown is the color of earth and wood, sure, but it symbolizes so much more than that. Brown is associated with security, stability, warmth, and honesty. The color is natural and neutral and, as such, makes beautiful color combinations with other colors. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the colors that go with brown and discussing what makes these combinations so beautiful.

Brown + Blue

Brown is a warm color; blue is the only cool primary color. Yet the two are seen together throughout nature everywhere: a fall or winter tree line against the sky, the sandy beach at the ocean or a stream. Blue represents serenity, and brown is associated with steadfastness and simplicity. The combination of these two salt-of-the-earth colors really couldn’t be anything but honest and true.

Brown + Aqua

It comes as no surprise that the most eye-catching colors that go with brown are those that are found near brown in nature itself. Aqua, as the idealistic color of all things water, is no exception. The bright, cheery, and also relaxing color of water in paradise infuses brown with the perfect amount of fresh appeal. The color resting atop a brown wooden Bella Rustica leather barstool is a great pairing of brown and aqua.

Brown + Green

Just as brown and blue bring us back to nature, brown and green have the same grounding effect. Eternally paired on trees and shrubs throughout the world, brown and green work hand-in-hand to convey warmth and the beauty of the simple life. Of course, inherent in that concept (and, thus, with the color palette itself) are the importance of rest, health, and peace. We definitely feel that in this color combination.

Brown + Orange

Almost two peas in a pod, brown and orange are not all that different. They are both warm, rich, and friendly. When paired together in their most saturated states of color, the combination will likely feel cozy and friendly, but perhaps a little in-your-face. As a color that goes with brown, orange certainly infuses thoughtfulness and a sense of belonging into a space. Combined, and even at their most intense, the colors create an almost monochromatic feel to a space that is soothing.

Brown + Cream + Red

Something to be said about neutral color palettes that makes the sum of the whole much more than the sum of the parts. Cream and brown, especially lighter browns, create a warm and homey vibe, which deep red not only adds to but also enhances and infuses with a bit of life. The setup with a Mascheroni leather chair and red-focused oriental rug illustrates this beautifully.

Brown + White

A color combination that has been around since the world began and, thus, is as classic as its black-and-white cousin combo, brown and white is a striking palette. Easily at home in a contemporary and minimalist setting (as evidenced by its appearance here on Norway modular shelving), the combination can equally find its home in a more traditional, rustic, or eclectic space.

Here is another example of white as an excellent color that goes with brown. Plenty of natural light and details in the wood flooring create a gorgeous space with these neutrals. Keep in mind that the whiter the whites in this pairing, the more modern it will feel.

Brown + Pink

Brown is like the big brother of all the colors; it’s happy to be the dirt while the other colors grow into flowers. So it is with softness and sweetness that brown and pink combine to create a more feminine feel to a natural, organic space. Pink lightens the aesthetic presence of brown, while brown repays the color by taking it seriously, almost like a visual bodyguard.

The paler the tint of brown, and/or the more muted a brown the grey undertones create, will of course change the way that brown and pink interact. Grey-browns, such as taupe, mushroom, and even khaki, add a coolness to the color that lightens its visual weight. This makes pairing the lightened tint with a deeper, richer, or more vibrant shade of pink a good idea, so the saturation balance is struck.

Brown + Pink + White + Grey

Connecting with this greyer scope of pale brown leads us to a variety of more contemporary, fresh-feeling color palettes, including this one of brown, pink, white, and grey. The colors are similar to pastels, but they all share a grey undertone that makes them more sophisticated and grown up, despite their lightness in tint. The combination is fresh and airy and visually quite interesting, particularly when the colors are used in a strategic color blocking that accentuates architecture.

Brown + Lavender

Lavender is a more feminine color, which lends itself to looking a little more inherently luxurious than, say, your everyday color of mud. So when the two colors of brown and lavender are paired together, magical things happen. Of course, as with any color palette, the textures and textiles of each color will go a long way toward the color’s impact, so brown velvet becomes a perfect companion to lavender-colored rock.

Brown + Maroon + Aqua

Maroon and aqua are two pretty dissimilar colors that go with brown. One (maroon) is like an older sister to brown itself, while the other (aqua) is like an entirely different family’s baby. Yet, when the three combine, we get the fresh, grounded, natural aesthetic that makes one feel instantly comfortable and welcome. Of course, an oversized closeup of a bulldog’s face might have something to do with that same vibe…

Brown + Black

In fashion, combining brown and black was a huge faux pas for a long time. In today’s design world, as well as in contemporary fashion, brown and black are practically made for each other. Both neutral, both secure in their non-flashy position in the color spectrum, and both completely necessary for a stable interior space, brown and black work beautifully together to provide a grounding force in their individual and combined ways. Note that it’s more visually impactful to choose a lighter brown than a darker one when combining with black, so the colors don’t overwhelm the space with darkness.

Brown + Grey

Brown and grey make a beautiful combination as well, as perfectly evidenced by this ombre chair back. Grey is cool and impartial, brown is warm and desperate to be your friend and make you feel comfortable. Together, brown’s reliability and grey’s efficiency create a color combination that feels observant and tolerant yet practical. Keeping an interesting pattern at the forefront of this neutral-neutral color palette helps it feel fresh and intriguing.

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