Can You Solve This Viral Math Problem That Has The Internet Going Crazy?

They’ve also given us this follow key and series of hints:

Hexagon + Hexagaon + Hexagon = 45
Bananas + Bananas + Hexagon = 23
Bananas + Clock + Clock =  10
Clock + Bananas + Bananas x Hexagon = ??

Think Logically and try to find the value !

Tips :
1. Look closely at the clock.
2. Number of Bananas.
3. Some thing regarding the sides of the Shapes figure.

Hint : Look Closely at the picture and try to logically relate the values for each item.

Most people have guessed “19” or “26” but both answers are wrong.

What’s the real answer?

Are you ready?

Wait for it…..

And with no further ado…
The answer is 38.
Logic :
From 1st the hexagon shape has value 15.
The shape has 15 edges(6 of hexagon,5 of Pentagon and 4 of Square)
From 2nd we get value of one bunch of bananas is 4.
So each banana has value of 1.
From 3rd we get that each clock has value of 3.
Which resembles the time on the clock which is 3.
Hence by using these insights, we get the last required values as
Clock = 2 (2 in the clock)
Bananas = 3 (3 bananas in the bunch)
Hexagon = 11 (Hexagon[6 sides] and pentagon[5 sides], so 6+5=11)
So required value is
2+3+33=? (Multiply first – Bodmas rule)
5+33=38 and hence the answer is 38.


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