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I have a  little secret that I’ve actually been keeping for about 6 months… we bought another house- right next door.  It was a bit of a process and I have some video coming up of us talking about it, so I’m not quite ready to spill ALL the beans on everything, but there are definitely some posts headed your way to explain what happened soon!

We are literally in the middle of about 50 projects, NOTHING -well almost nothing is finished, but now I can check off one thing and that is our amazing new Shaw luxury vinyl wood plank flooring that we had installed.

Shaw has been one of our amazing sponsors for the last year and I truly love everything about the company.  All of the products and all of the people that work there.  It has been such an honor to work with them, and I have been able to do some pretty fun things with them, like visit St Jude Children’s Research Hospital (changed my heart for sure!!), and I got the honor of helping my sister update her flooring here, and I got to try out a new custom sized rug in my living room.  This new project has been the cherry on the top of the cake!

Get the farmhouse look without the upkeep of hardwood floors! Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring @Remodelaholic

You see, this new house is actually a bit smaller than our current house, approximately 2,400 square feet, and the spaces were tight and small mostly because of the placement of the stairs.  But with some time living in the space and drafting up at least 15 different options for changing or working with the floorplan, we have come to a solution that I am REALLY happy with!   Happily, instead of paying for a $20,000 addition (which was the option that felt best at for the longest), we found a solution that opens up all the spaces, and has really had me happy to live here.

The first step was opening up a lot of walls and moving around kitchen appliances (in fact, gutting the kitchen entirely…)  We spent a bit of time opening things up, and living with gaps in flooring and tripping over spaces that used to have walls.  Ultimately, we decided (since we are living here) that we couldn’t wait any longer to have actual floors- it is just too stressful, living without flooring with kids (and believe it or not we have lived without proper flooring several times, so I know!).

When it came to choosing the floors to go in the house, I wanted to make sure that the floors that I chose were easy going and really durable.  For me personally, that meant a product that can handle water… and kids….- specifically kids with water. Is this only a problem I have with my kids and their friends??  I don’t want to be the mean mom, telling the kids they can’t come inside dripping wet, or to pick up every single ice cube, or for heaven’s sake don’t use the crushed ice option ever again…  I just don’t want the added pressure of worrying about my flooring- ever!

I love the LOOK of wood, it is just so warm and welcoming, so I picked out this one-  the Floorte 0731V Alto HD plank 136 Novara.  Please be sure to check out Shaw Floors for more information on finding a dealer near you if you are looking for flooring, they have amazing options.

Shaw Floors Luxury Vinyl @Remodelaholic 1

I especially love how it had a warm brown AND gray tone to the wood, so I can use either color in my house!  Especially since grays are hot right now but you know it won’t always last forever!  I love the wide farmhouse plank feeling of the boards, and the patterning is just enough without being too busy.

Shaw Floors Luxury Vinyl @Remodelaholic 2

The house is in still such a huge state of unfinshed-ness!  I will admit it was HARD to take pictures that would look good, so that you can see what they will look like when everything is done- but with a bit of creative cropping, and taking some specific images to show you what it is looking like now, you can imagine that once we actually have moldings and painted walls, and finished drywall it is going to be stellar!  And don’t worry , this fabulous flooring will feature in a bunch of more projects, soon as we actually start finishing projects.

Here is the before of the bedroom:

Shaw Floors Luxury Vinyl @Remodelaholic 1

After :

Shaw Floors Luxury Vinyl @Remodelaholic 4

Another couple afters:

 Shaw Floors Luxury Vinyl @Remodelaholic 14

Shaw Floors Luxury Vinyl @Remodelaholic 20

And this view in the bathroom has change drastically since we moved the door and the closet, but dang if it isn’t looking better:

Shaw Floors Luxury Vinyl @Remodelaholic 3

You can sort of place the image by the location of the heater vent and mirror, both of which which haven’t moved!Shaw Floors Luxury Vinyl @Remodelaholic 23

I absolutely love how the flooring goes through all the rooms upstairs with no transition strips — the installers did an amazing job!

With the new location of the (unfinished) doorway to the bathroom, you can see how the flooring just flows through!  And happily instead of looking at the toilet we were able to change the doorway to look at the sink (and make room for a larger shower or tub combo someday!)

Shaw Floors Luxury Vinyl @Remodelaholic 24

The kitchen also isn’t done (we have a temporary countertop- folding table- keeping it classy 24/7) but you can see that it is going to look nice too- someday!

Shaw Floors Luxury Vinyl @Remodelaholic 31


Don’t you love it?  I DO!!

Please be sure to check out for more information on finding a dealer near you if you are looking for flooring they have amazing options.


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