As much as we love gallery walls, we know for sure that in an eclectic home they shine, become the stars of the room and make everything looking spectacular. So, here are eight stylish suggestions for you and your home full of personality:


1. Glamorous vibe

A gallery wall is perfect for a dreamy and glamorous pink living room. Add the frames on a cabinet or hang them on your wall and make sure to pick the most glamorous and fashionable pictures that will blend in perfectly with the fancy vibe of the room.

2. Fancy eclectic feel

If you have an eclectic interior filled with bold colors, make sure to pick the same colors in the details of your gallery wall. Pick a center piece that will stand out on the wall and after that make a color scheme with smaller frames.

3. The modern studio

Make a gallery wall using abstract art pictures and you will have that instant cool vibe in a studio space. Mix colorful pictures with some in black in white to have that perfect balance in your eclectic studio.

4. Retro feeling

Bring that cool eclectic feel in a retro space by adding a very artistic and colorful gallery wall next to your living room sofa and coffee table. Add also printed pillows on your sofa to emphasize the eclectic vibe of the room.

5. The perfect mix

In a gallery wall of an eclectic room everything seems to blend in perfectly. So, don’t be afraid to mix pictures in bold colors with commercial adds in a retro design or even with timeless paintings.

6. Another kind of study

This cool black and white study is super inspiring in terms of the gallery wall. Simple, chic and creative your abstract gallery wall for an eclectic study space can feature neutral images, your favorite photos and eye-catchy images or even patterns.

7. The music parade

If you love music and art make your gallery wall looking like one in a record company. Pick photos of music albums and posters and create the perfect mix for a cool eclectic living room.

8. Abstract art

Mix abstract art with drawing sor even empty frames to create the perfect study space for a very creative person. Add also personal photos and upgrade your collection as time goes by.

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