Slides are fun and nobody can deny it. Some people love them so much they even put them in their homes. Stair slides are actually a thing. they’re combinations between regular staircases and slides, sitting side by side. They’re usually kids’ slides although they’re so fun even as an adult you can’t resist them. So what do you think? Would you put a stair slide in your home?

All their clients really wanted was a slide….and the architect team from fcStudio inc was free to figure out the rest of the details for this house that they built in Chicago, Illinois. They built the slide out of walnut wood, the same as the staircase. It connects the main floor to the basement and the whole family loves it. How could they not when it’s so whimsical?

Slides and kids are best friends and kids spend time in daycare so based on this info the natural thing to do would be for a nursery/ daycare center to have a slide in the playroom or, even more practical, a slide extension next to the staircase. That’s exactly what ZAmpone Architectuur designed for this daycare center located in Belgium.

At Children’s Museum of the Arts everybody has fun. In 2011 the museum moved at a larger location in New York that’s three times the size of the previous space. Work AC worked at the new design. They made it colorful and fun and they made sure to include a stair slide so the kids can navigate the floors with ease and to have fun along the way.

This is a happy family home from Sachangdong, South Korea. It was designed by Moon Hoon in 2011 and its interior spaces are divided into two big sections. The lower floor spaces are for the kids and the upper one is for the parents. A large custom staircase with built-in bookshelves and a slide connects the floors. It’s a perfect marriage between functionality, looks and playfulness.

Kids love slides and hiding spaces and this home has both. It’s a penthouse designed by Yestudio in Taipei, Taiwan. There’s a set of stairs with a slide right next to them and they lead to a platform designed to serve as a playground for the kids and their friends. The slide and stairs occupy quite a bit of floor space but they have shelves and storage compartments built into their side which doesn’t make them seem so unnecessarily large.

This private home that VSHD Design created has an indoor slide that looks incredibly sleek and elegant. It shows that playfulness and style are not antonyms and that a stair slide can fit and look beautiful even in a more formal environment. Both the slide and the stairs are made of dark-stained oak wood.

In case you were unsure whether or not a slide could accompany a spiral staircase, here’s your answer. This stair slide looks like a lot of fun and it doesn’t really take away from the compact and space-efficient nature of the staircase.

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