That time of year is here again. The presents are stashed in the back of the closet. The music is all the same nostalgic tunes. The calendar squares fill up with parties and events. Most likely, you’re hosting something yourself at least once this year. Whether it’s a family party, a soiree with friends or even a Christmas evening for two, you can take the event to the next level when your dining room table is all decked out for the occasion. When your guest sits down for a meal, they will feel like you went the extra mile if their place setting is just as styled as the rest of your home. Take a look at these 15 Christmas table settings that will win you best host this holiday season.

Favors are always welcome for a party that celebrates the season of giving. By making each guest an ornament with their name on it, you can accomplish favors and name card all in one task.

How about a little favor with a little flavor? Have a jar of jam for each guest’s place and they’ll be able to take home the taste of Christmas. It can be something you made yourself or you could support a small business and buy the good stuff.

Some Christmas parties include kiddies when there is no sitter available. Give a kid friendly favor by sewing candy into a brown paper pouch. By labeling them, no one will get confused with whose pouch is whose.

Everyone knows the song about the brown paper packages tied up in strings. Whatever gift you choose, it will look better in a little box wrapped in brown paper. Put your calligraphy skills to use and scrawl guests’ names on each or print out a pretty pattern to take your package to the next level.

Sometimes it can be tricky to make your table decor match the rest of your home’s decor. But if you’re leaning rustic or farmhouse style, all you have to do is put a wood slice under the plate and you’re basically done.

There is all kinds of free decor around if you’re willing to look for it. Take some time to go for a walk before your party and forage your table decor. Pine boughs, red berries, bare branches, they can look impossibly simple and chic on your table and you didn’t spend a penny.

Another great piece of place setting decor is a simple wooden charger. Just nail together two slices of wood from past projects and you’re ready togo. They will bring that feeling of warmth and texture to dinner.

Carol singing is a large part of the holiday season no matter where you go. Pay homage to the tradition by making flatware pockets with printed sheet music.

If you’re like us, we had no idea that one single pinecone could make such a perfect place card. Just cut out a little slip of paper with each guests’ name printed on it and you have instant perfection.

If you have a little time on your hands, put together these sweet little cranberry wreaths as place cards. It’s a simple way to bring that pop of red to the table in a natural way, no matter what other colors you’re decorating with.

There’s nothing like a candy cane to get your fill of pepperminty stripes. Give one to each guest and use them to display their name or even a little Christmas poem.

Are you hosting multiple Christmas parties this year? Then you definitely need to refer to a chalk marker when planning your place cards. On black paper or slate, the name can be wiped off and used over and over again for all your party needs.

Of course your holiday dishes are going to smell delicious, but what if your guest got a Christmas whiff as soon as they sat down? Incorporate cinnamon sticks, pine branches or even bits of fresh herbs into each place setting so they’ll be smelling good things from start to finish.

Don’t forget to let guests know what you’re eating. There are all kinds of printable menus that can be customized to your liking. Find one that fits your decor and give guests an idea of how the meal will be progressing.

For really large gatherings, the simpler the decor, the better for your sanity. Spread a big sheet of brown paper over the table and use a marker to draw each place setting and name. Fill the middle with whatever you desire and you can be done in half an hour.

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