Before you scroll by, you should know that we’re talking about the good kind of vintage here. Not the faded, outdated, straight from grandma’s basement vintage. So now you can breathe easy because there is a real difference between the good and the bad. Good vintage gives you warm memories and happy feelings from golden days gone by. Lucky for you, it doesn’t actually have to be vintage to give you those warm fuzzy feelings. There is a good haul of brand new pieces that look like the vintage Christmas decorations that your mom and grandma decorated with when you were young. Scroll through these 10 vintage Christmas decorations and see how you can add some of that nostalgic warmth to your home this holiday season.

If you helped a family member decorate for Christmas, these ornaments probably look familiar. The real vintage ones are a pretty penny but if you don’t inherit grandma’s set, you can add these to your tree without breaking the bank.

Christmas linens were a part of proper decor back in the day. So it’s only fitting that you get yourself a holiday tablecloth that looks like it’s straight off of grandma’s dining room table. No matter what you put on top, it will be full of Christmas cheer.

Let’s not forget the Christmas china. When you were hosting the lovely grownup dinner parties of yesteryear, a set of Christmas appropriate china was essential. While you might not have space for a full eight place settings, you can easily bring out these evergreen appetizer plates.

Everybody loves a good bottlebrush tree, whether it’s part of your Christmas village or just decorating the coffee table. But choosing colors like cream and pink and mint is a totally vintage thing to do.

Let’s talk about wall art. Large pieces are all the rage currently so these vintage looking posters are just the thing to perk up your gallery wall or fill that empty space above the piano. You won’t mind putting it up again year after year.

Finding a real blast from the past is tricky, but this ceramic tree definitely takes you there. So many of us grew up with this lighted tree shining in a corner at our grandparent’s, so you’ll enjoy having one to introduce to your children too.

Counting down the days until Christmas is a fun thing to do, no matter what age you are. This Christmas calendar brings just the right amount of vintage flair to your home and is a practical piece that the whole family will love to use.

Did you have a tinsel tree as a kid? You don’t see them very much these days, but a sweet mini tinsel tree can be a great nostalgic decoration to take to the office or display on your mantle this year. It doesn’t even needs lights to be sparkly.

The tree topper is a very important part of Christmas. It can set the whole theme you decorate with. You know you won’t go wrong with a lighted star topper that is reminiscent of tree toppers gone by.

In December, hot chocolate is always on the menu. While these Santa mugs might seem a tad bit kitschy, you know that your kids will choose them every time. You might even have a guest or two tell you that they drank out of similar mugs as kids.

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